Music Production!

my first project after 2 weeks of learning!

I figured out the basics of a DAW and part of the keyboard shortcuts. 

I used some plug-ins to put some good effects into this project.

But it's just a beginner-level project anyway..

AIVD course memories

Artificial Intelligence and Game Design is a course I really enjoyed. 

From this course, I learned how to use github and lofter, which are great tools to show what I have done and Arduino, which I knew nothing before this course. First time understanding how Github works is a tough job. So is...

Thank all the TAs!

I want to thank all the TAs of AIVD course for their reliable support. Once I had some problems in getting a processing file with an image to github. Yinan helped me out.  Jeffery helped me check and complete posts. Kevin seems very easy to talk to guest speakers, which inspired me a lot. ...

Thank you to Dave Mark

Today we have Dave Mark skyping in. Dave Mark is an world expert in game AI and mathematical modeling of data. Game AI is an interesting topic. One thing I learn is that we are not trying to build the best AI , because a player would be discouraged if the AI is too strong. Players play games to have...

The First Board Game

Today we made my first board game. Its ludus is to get most treasure in a certain number of rounds. Players use dices to take their moves. There are fate cards which increased uncertainty of the game, strategy cards that are useful for gameplay, and of course treasure cards as a parameter of victory...

Thank you to Noah Falstein

Today we have Noah Falstein speaking. He is currently Chief Game Designer at Google. The Internent connection is not good , but I got the idea that game or gamification is useful to other areas such as education. The application of game will definitely be broadened when it comes to Google.

Thank you...

Final Project Proposal

1 Processing animation

this is an animation of the bilibili mascot bouncing. I put an image as its background. It's interesting because the mascot is cute.

2 Simulations

This is a cellular  automata simulation. By setting the dead or alive condition of each cell, we can observe the behaviors...

Programming languages

A programming language is a formal constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer. Programming languages can be used to create programs to control the behavior of a machine or to express algorithms. (Source:wikipedia)

Computers understand languages...


AI stands for artificial intelligence. Humans develop this idea from ourselves. 

AI is a man-made technology that behaves as what humans can do.

Examples are chatting bots,  self-driving cars  and Curiosity. In the future, AI will gradually take the place of human , especially in doing...

paper scissor stone game

We use processing to create a paper scissor stone game. This is also a game with AI. 

github link:

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